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Former Arsenal player David Bentley has hit out at the club’s two troubled stars in Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez over reports of how they have behaved this season.

The former Tottenham Hotspur player blasted the duo, calling them selfish.

Arsenal have been troubled, well like every season in a long time, but this term the longtime manager Arsene Wenger could exit the side. They are out of the top four this term and it seems like a major hurdle – something they have managed to do consistently for a really long time.

There have been protests against the French tactician for some time now but the dissatisfaction is peaking. Bentley feels that Sanchez and Ozil let down Wenger this season.

“Walcott, Wilshere, and Oxlade-Chamberlain have played an awful lot of games yet you still feel they are young players, you feel they still need someone around them. Instead they have Ozil and Sanchez and they’re players who concentrate only on themselves.

“They’re not worried about whether the training ground atmosphere is good or what it’s like in the dressing room or if the young players are okay. They only care about themselves because they are players of that nature. That’s fine – you do need those players in a team – but what Arsenal are lacking is leadership,” Bentley said.

Bentley said the experienced legs in the team were not helping out young players or taking the results that the team was posting with much sentiment.

“They move on too quickly and it’s having an effect on Arsenal which is a shame because it’s a great club,” he explained.

There are clouds over the future of the players, but how things end this season would be a big decider.
Bentley added that while the players are important, he feels they are not indispensible.

Sanchez and Ozil aren’t great ambassadors for their club and they don’t offer the full make-up of their importance as great footballers,” he added.

Bentley on Spurs title challenge

Former Tottenham Spurs player David Bentley believes that his former club has a great chance of winning the title this season.

He said that despite making a slow start to the season, the club has recovered magnificently and that they are now firing on all cylinders.

He believes that the club is stronger than last season where the players lost the title in the final stage of the season, and he believes that they will not do the same mistake again.

He said that there is still a lot of games to be played and that he believes that Chelsea will drop some points again.

David Bentley said that the players are giving the best on the pitch and that you could see that they believe in themselves. He believes that Tottenham Hotspurs are reaping the fruits of stability and that the players are responding to the manager’s tactics.

Bentley said that Pochettino is a great manager and that he has good experience of the Premier League. The manager has found a system that work with the player at his disposal and that they are playing an attractive brand of football.

David Bentley said that Tottenham Hotspurs has some exciting English players such as Dele Ali and Harry Kane and that this is great news for the England side. He said that both players are still young and that they will improve in the future.

He said that Tottenham Hotspurs are becoming better every season and that it will not be long before they clinch the title.

Bentley also played for Arsenal, and he believes that the Gunners will not be consistent enough in order to win the title. He said that they had the best chance last season, but unfortunately they allow Leicester City to beat them.


Former Arsenal, Tottenham, and West Ham midfielder David Bentley broke down in tears on Sky Sport while announcing his unexpected retirement at the age of 29.

David Bentley let the tears flow freely while admitting that his reasons for quitting the game was because he fell out of love with the game.

The retired English international during his playing days had won seven caps for his national team but had failed to play even a single game when he joined the Russian club Rostov. Bentley said; “I’ve given up football.”

“I’ve taken the decision to take my life in a different direction,” the former English international added.

When asked what he intends to do after retirement, he had this to say “I’ve just had baby twins, three months old, and I’ve got a little four-year-old and I want to focus on that.” He revealed that his love for the game had dropped and he didn’t want to keep on playing because of the money. Bentley further stated that although he enjoyed every minute and smiles the game brought him, yet still he does not want to take his family to a place he didn’t want to be.

The former Arsenal and West Ham midfielder, who was tipped to make it to the zenith of the sport in his early sporting days, cost Tottenham a whopping £15 million from Blackburn in 2008. He said he had no regrets leaving the sport but he believes the game has changed.

Although it remains such sad news to see David Bentley leave the great fun fair of the football arena, fans would definitely cherish the unforgettable memories which David Bentley had brought to the game. Bentley remains a player that would be missed, but then we wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.


David Bentley recently talked about his past football life and touched on some of the mistakes which he felt should have been avoided while he was at the peak of his playing career.

The former Arsenal and Tottenham midfielder hay stated that his decision to leave Arsenal was one that shouldn’t have been made and which he regrets up to this moment. He even went further to brand himself a “prick” for having left Arsenal

Bentley had left the Gunners back in 2006 to join up with rival club, Blackburn before making another move to Tottenham for a fee of £15m in 2008.

The midfielder who became famous for a goal he scored against Arsenal for Tottenham Hotspurs, having volleyed the ball from a 40 yards distance to find its way over Manuel Almunia and into the back of the net, spoke in a chat with FourFourTwo. He had this to say,

“I loved Arsene Wenger. He’s probably the best manager I ever came across. The dressing room at Arsenal was fantastic – a great laugh. I bet they miss that now. The manager wasn’t really the type to join in, although he probably laughed when I told him I was leaving.

“Why do you want to leave here, you pr*ck?!” But I just couldn’t wait to play. I didn’t stay that long.

“I feared for my future. I’m, sure there are youngsters at clubs today with the same fears.”

Bentley, who was once considered a natural heir to David Beckham however entered his resignation from active football after struggling over at Tottenham and getting loaned out to different clubs such like West Ham, Birmingham, Blackburn and FC Rostov. As a former England national midfielder, he had won a total of seven caps for England. He retired at the age of 29.


Tottenham Hotspurs who on Sunday, 2nd of October trashed Manchester City in a 2-0 victory at White Hart Lane stadium and determinedly sit on the 2nd position behind City with a point difference, on July 31st, 2008, announced the signing of midfielder David Bentley on a six-year deal for a £15 million fee, with an additional £2 million conditional on future performance.

Reports say Bentley’s previous employers – Arsenal – received £7 million of this fee to complete his transfer to Spurs.

The 32-year old English man made his maiden debut on 16th of August, 2008 when they visited Middlesbrough and lost 2–1. He scored his first competitive goal for Spurs in the 2008/09 UEFA Cup first round tie against WisłaKraków on 18th September, 2008. He then netted his first Premier League goal for Tottenham against his old club Arsenal with a 43-yard dipping volley in a 4–4 draw on 29th October, 2008.

Bentley on 12th January, 2012 joined Birmingham City on loan for the rest of the season where he went straight into the first eleven. At the end of the season, Bentley returned to Tottenham.

On 31st of August 2011, Bentley signed a season-long loan deal with Championship side West Ham United. Soon after, he was ruled out for six months due to a knee surgery after his first five matches for West Ham United. He had to return to Spurs for treatment.

By September 7th, 2012, the English man again went on loan to the Russian side, Rostov FC Rostov. He made history there as the first Englishman to play in the Russian Premier League. Bentley appeared for FC Rostov seven times without a goal. He from there signed a 93-day loan with Blackburn Rovers, which was confirmed on June 7th, 2013 by Premier League that David Bentley has been released by Tottenham Hotspurs.

His retirement was announced at the age 29, on 13th of June 2014 after staying for a year without a club. He claims he’s now having nice time with his family as he’s a co-owner of a restaurant in Marbella, Spain, where he and his family had moved to.

Bentley on leaving Arsenal

David Bentley said that he made a mistake when he left Arsenal.

He said that he was impatient and that he wanted to play regularly, and this is what prompted him to leave the Gunners. He stated that he now regret his decision and believe that it was a huge mistake.

He said that at that time there were players such as Dennis Bergkamp in the team and that it was impossible for him to take their place. He said that as a young player he grew impatient and made the decision to move to Tottenham Hotspurs.

He said that it was a pleasure to play under Arsene Wenger and that he was without a shadow of doubt the best manager he has played with. He said that the Frenchman has always been good to him and that he was always giving him suggestions on how to improve his game.

He added that the dressing room at Arsenal was one of the best he has ever experienced. He said that there was a good team spirit and that there was a togetherness in the group that he has never seen elsewhere. He said that Arsene Wenger was not the type of manager to join in and celebrate with the players, but he was always present whenever you need it.

David Bentley said that Arsene Wenger laughed at him when he informed him of his decision to leave Arsenal. The manager asked him why he wanted to leave, and he had no answer except that he wanted to play.

Bentley admitted that at that time he did not see himself making a career at Arsenal. He felt as if he was suffocating and this is what made him leave the team. But nowadays he seems as if he made the biggest mistake of his life by leaving Arsenal.


Looking at the records between both players when they have had a face off, Cristiano Ronaldo has always come out winner anytime he met Gareth Bale.

Though both players are team mates now at Real Madrid, both team have met five times in the past and the Portuguese always came out victorious.

As Wales faces Portugal in the semi final of the Euro 2016, both teams are almost at par based on performances at the continental competition so far, but one winner will emerge. The pair has been together for three seasons now since the record breaking move of Bale from Tottenham Hotspurs.

Both stars met in last in 2009 with Cristiano Ronaldo later playing his last season at Old Trafford before his record breaking move to Real Madrid. Manchester United defeated Tottenham 2-1. The Welsh superstar didn’t feature in any of their three meetings against Man United as it was his first season at White Hart Lane. His first meeting against Ronaldo was at the FA Cup fourth round away while on duty for Spurs. Roman Pavlychenko scored for Spurs first in the first five minutes but Paul Scoles equalised and Dimitar Berbatov sank his former club. Neither Bales nor Ronaldo made a real difference in the game.

The second meeting was when the Red Devils defeated Spurs to lift their third League Cup. Goalkeeper Ben Foster was the hero as he saved the penalty kicks of now retired former spurs player David Bentley and that of Jamie O’Hara.

The third meeting was when Man United defeated Tottenham 5-2. Ronaldo scored a controversial penalty while Bale played only four minutes he replaced Luka Modric. The fourth meeting was in 2011 and Real Madrid defeated Spurs 2011 then the fifth when they defeated Spurs at home in the second leg 1-0 with Ronaldo scoring in the 50th minute. While the situations is uniquely different now and now is international football, the game still promises to be a cracker.

David Bentley believes that Dele Alli will become a top player

David Bentley believes that Dele Alli will become a top player if he is managed properly

Former Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs player David Bentley has stated that Dele Alli will be a top player if he is managed properly. He has drawn comparisons with his own career, and he believes that he would have had a different career if ever he was allowed to play his own game.

He said that he was quite similar to Dele Alli and that he wanted to let his personality come out through his game, but unfortunately, his managers did not allow that. He believes that Dele Alli is quite mature at his age and that at the moment he is not committing the same mistakes as he did. For him, Alli can have a successful career if he continues on the same path.

He said that his first manager Arsene Wenger did not understand British talent well. He admitted that he was a good manager, but unfortunately he did not allow him to play his own game. However, he believes that Mauricio Pochettino is not committing the same mistake with Alli and that he is allowing him more freedom on the pitch.

For Bentley, it is important as a young player to feel love and to be backed by the manager. He said that there was a tendency in England to ask a young player to be humble and not to overdo it on the pitch.

He believes that it is different with Dele Alli and that Pochettino is managing his career well. For him, Alli should stay with Tottenham Hotspurs for the moment in order to continue his development. He has all the necessary qualities to become a world-class player if only he keeps on working as he is at the moment.

Bentley has backed Dele Alli to be a success at the Euros in France.

David Bentley: His Journey from Clubs to Clubs

David Bentley had only a short time at the top in football.

After coming through prominence at Arsenal, the winger went on to play for Blackburn Rovers where he made his name. As a youngster, Bentley was regarded as a promising talent for the England national team. He was a regular for the England under 21 team from 2005 to 2007. He was immediately given prominence in the senior team in 2007, but it all began to go downhill from then on. The England debut for the 31-year-old came when he was highflying with Blackburn.

A move to Tottenham came about in 2008 and he never recovered from his poor spell at the club. However, fans will forever remember the goal that he scored against archrivals Arsenal in the 4-4 draw between the two teams. The wonder goal is still regarded as one of the best in the North London derby, but Bentley has revealed that he never looked back on that goal again. After staying with Spurs for five years, Bentley played on loan at various clubs before announcing a shock retirement in 2013. He has since tried to come out of retirement without any success.

Bentley claimed that his lack of passion for the game was the reason for quitting so early.“It was a moment when I felt, prior to the game, that I was going to do something good. All my mates were there, Harry [Redknapp] had just come in after Juande Ramos, and I felt that this was going to be a big night; that everything had been getting on my nerves and this was going to be different. The ball just sat up nicely for me. We had been in a meeting before the game and it was mentioned that their keeper liked to stand off his line, so I just hit it,” said Bentley.

David Bentley unveils a prank that Robbie Savage made to him

There was a point in time during the career of David Bentley when he was labeled as the new David Beckham and this was due to the impressive accuracy that the former player Bentley used to have when it came to taking free-kicks and his overall passing abilities.

Unfortunately for Bentley, he could never really live up to the hype that was created as he failed to perform with a truly big club and was bounced around from different clubs on a number of loan deals.

One of the clubs that Bentley performed in was with Blackburn Rovers during 2005 until 2008 and the Englishman would make a return to his former club in the later stages of his career, during this time Bentley worked alongside Robbie Savage and Bentley has recently opened up about a pretty cruel prank that his former teammate played on him.

“I came off the phone and I’m ringing everyone in the England squad. Half an hour later I get another phone call from the actual Steve McClaren! And I’m like ‘what…you just rang me. He got to training and all the lads are they’re in stitches” Bentley said during a sport show on BT Sport.

Bentley stated that during a training session with Blackburn Rovers, he was called up to receive a phone call in what was believed to have been Steve McClaren talking on the other hand and calling him up for a chance to play with the English national football team but as a matter of fact it was Robbie Savage who was talking as he pranked Bentley and the retired midfielder actually believed that it was Steve McClaren until Savage confessed.

During the entire playing career of David Bentley, he did manage to make a few appearances for the English national side but it wasn’t a real significantly high amount of matches as Bentley just couldn’t make the impact that was expected after comparisons were being made with him and Beckham.