Bentley Decides Retirement In Order

David Bentley has decided to hang his boots for a strange reason. He says football is not the same nowadays as it used to be once. It’s become less enjoyable.

Bentley had started being called as the second ‘David Beckham’ when he first burst onto the scene. He was brilliant with his crosses.

The winger represented a lot of clubs during his career. He had started at Arsenal in 2002 and during his 4-year tenure there, he featured for a couple of other teams as well i.e. Norwich City and Blackburn Rovers on loan. He, then, took a permanent transfer to Blackburn in 2006.

One of the highs of Bentley’s career was being signed by the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur in 2008. He remained there till the end of his career. He didn’t play too many matches for the Spurs though as he spent most of the seasons playing on loan.

Bentley is just 29 years of age at the moment and that’s why, his retirement has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Announcing his retirement a couple of days ago, Bentley said, “I was in love with the game when I started my professional career. I am not sure if that’s the case with me now. That love isn’t there.”

“Earlier, the game’s about enjoying out there, but, nowadays, the players are like robots.”

“There has been so much influence of the social media on the game in the recent past that it hasn’t remained unpredictable at all. It has become calculated.”

A lot of people might not agree with what Bentley said, but, there is definitely some truth in his statement and one should not be surprised if more players retire from the game for this reason in the future.