David Bentley has said that he doesn’t mind being disliked and abused by the opposition supporters.
While playing for Blackburn Rovers in the match against Millwall FC on Sunday, Bentley was abused by some Millwall fans. But, he didn’t get upset by that.

Talking to the reporters after the match, Bentley said, “I don’t mind these things. You can expect these things to happen when you are not playing on your home ground and I don’t think it’s bad.”

“The supporters should be completely involved in the match. They are not given free entry in grounds. They pay to watch matches. So, they shouldn’t be stopped from doing these kinds of things. If the abuse is not racial, it’s alright.”

“This is not the first time that I have been abused by the opposition supporters. I have gone through this on quite a few grounds and it’s something which doesn’t disturb me at all.”

“Here, it was a little bit more exciting. The crowd kept abusing me throughout the match. They didn’t stop for a moment.”

Blackburn and Millwall will again face each other after two days at Ewood Park. The winner of that match will play against Wigan Athletic in final 4 of the FA Cup. That match will be played at Wembley.

When asked about that, Bentley said, “We are not in the semi finals. So, we shouldn’t be thinking about the semi final match at the moment. We need to win the quarterfinal return leg first and our focus should be on that match.”

“Millwall is not an easy team to beat. They fought hard today and they will do the same on Wednesday as well. That will be an exciting game for sure. Hopefully, we will win.”