David Bentley recently talked about his past football life and touched on some of the mistakes which he felt should have been avoided while he was at the peak of his playing career.

The former Arsenal and Tottenham midfielder hay stated that his decision to leave Arsenal was one that shouldn’t have been made and which he regrets up to this moment. He even went further to brand himself a “prick” for having left Arsenal

Bentley had left the Gunners back in 2006 to join up with rival club, Blackburn before making another move to Tottenham for a fee of £15m in 2008.

The midfielder who became famous for a goal he scored against Arsenal for Tottenham Hotspurs, having volleyed the ball from a 40 yards distance to find its way over Manuel Almunia and into the back of the net, spoke in a chat with FourFourTwo. He had this to say,

“I loved Arsene Wenger. He’s probably the best manager I ever came across. The dressing room at Arsenal was fantastic – a great laugh. I bet they miss that now. The manager wasn’t really the type to join in, although he probably laughed when I told him I was leaving.

“Why do you want to leave here, you pr*ck?!” But I just couldn’t wait to play. I didn’t stay that long.

“I feared for my future. I’m, sure there are youngsters at clubs today with the same fears.”

Bentley, who was once considered a natural heir to David Beckham however entered his resignation from active football after struggling over at Tottenham and getting loaned out to different clubs such like West Ham, Birmingham, Blackburn and FC Rostov. As a former England national midfielder, he had won a total of seven caps for England. He retired at the age of 29.