Bentley on leaving Arsenal

David Bentley said that he made a mistake when he left Arsenal.

He said that he was impatient and that he wanted to play regularly, and this is what prompted him to leave the Gunners. He stated that he now regret his decision and believe that it was a huge mistake.

He said that at that time there were players such as Dennis Bergkamp in the team and that it was impossible for him to take their place. He said that as a young player he grew impatient and made the decision to move to Tottenham Hotspurs.

He said that it was a pleasure to play under Arsene Wenger and that he was without a shadow of doubt the best manager he has played with. He said that the Frenchman has always been good to him and that he was always giving him suggestions on how to improve his game.

He added that the dressing room at Arsenal was one of the best he has ever experienced. He said that there was a good team spirit and that there was a togetherness in the group that he has never seen elsewhere. He said that Arsene Wenger was not the type of manager to join in and celebrate with the players, but he was always present whenever you need it.

David Bentley said that Arsene Wenger laughed at him when he informed him of his decision to leave Arsenal. The manager asked him why he wanted to leave, and he had no answer except that he wanted to play.

Bentley admitted that at that time he did not see himself making a career at Arsenal. He felt as if he was suffocating and this is what made him leave the team. But nowadays he seems as if he made the biggest mistake of his life by leaving Arsenal.