Bentley Reveals Love For Football Is Lost

Former Tottenham midfielder David Bentley has revealed in an interview for the first time that he does not enjoy football anymore. Bentley has been out of the game for almost 12 months after being released by Tottenham last summer. However, he has not joined any other club despite being available on a free transfer. Speaking for the first time about his career, the former Blackburn Rovers midfielder says that he has lost his love for the game and is most likely not going to play again.

Bentley was once a £ 15 million transfer from Blackburn to Tottenham. However, his career soon went downhill after joining the London outfit. Prior to that, he was considered as one of the most important players in the under 21 setup for the England national team. In fact, he scored the first ever goal at the new Wembley. Former under 21 manager Stuart Pearce revealed a few months ago that he would have signed Bentley the first week if he had joined Nottingham Forest. Bentley has revealed that he has been taking care of his businesses in Spain and not playing football during the last 12 months.

The revelation is unlikely to endear him to prospective clubs, would have been hoping to sign him in the summer.
“I’ve had a bad time of it. Each year and each stage of my career it got worse both things on and off the pitch. I decided to take three months off, then it became six, then nine. I’ve enjoyed being away from the game and just watching it. It’s strange for me because when I was younger it was only thing I ever wanted to do. Slowly the game became repetitive and I’m not interested in that, I want to enjoy myself,” said Bentley in a talk show.