Bentley was never good to Juande Ramos

Juande Ramos the former Tottenham Hotspur boss has openly admitted that he could not get along with David Bentley when he was their coach at White Hart Lane. Ramos had his moments when he was the Spurs boss and feels that his relation with Bentley was not really good from the beginning itself.

He is now the manager of Dnipro where he is doing quite well and in a recent interview he expressed his feelings when he was a coach of Spurs. He said to Daily Mail that he had an excellent relation with all the players and the staff but he was never really happy with David Bentley.

Bentley’s agent had some acquaintance with Levy and there were reasons why Bentley did not get an opportunity in the first team and one of the main reasons was because they had Aaron Lennon then. Since, he was not given the opportunity to play the agent started to dish out bad things about the manager which was not at all tolerated by the club.

Ramos also blamed Bentley for starting this dirty game for which their relationship could last no longer. He also said that Bentley was unable to understand his decisions and always disagreed with him on each and everything. Ramos in his time gave enough opportunities to Bentley but he was just not up for it. According to Ramos Bentley was just not hungry in the time which was given to him while on the other hand Lenon was doing remarkably well for the team.

The decision was simple but Bentley could not take it easily. Bentley was deemed as the new David Beckham when he was signed by Tottenham Hotspur for £15million but he soon went off his radar and became a controversial figure in football due to which he finds it hard to stay at any club for a long period of time.