David Bentley unveils a prank that Robbie Savage made to him

There was a point in time during the career of David Bentley when he was labeled as the new David Beckham and this was due to the impressive accuracy that the former player Bentley used to have when it came to taking free-kicks and his overall passing abilities.

Unfortunately for Bentley, he could never really live up to the hype that was created as he failed to perform with a truly big club and was bounced around from different clubs on a number of loan deals.

One of the clubs that Bentley performed in was with Blackburn Rovers during 2005 until 2008 and the Englishman would make a return to his former club in the later stages of his career, during this time Bentley worked alongside Robbie Savage and Bentley has recently opened up about a pretty cruel prank that his former teammate played on him.

“I came off the phone and I’m ringing everyone in the England squad. Half an hour later I get another phone call from the actual Steve McClaren! And I’m like ‘what…you just rang me. He got to training and all the lads are they’re in stitches” Bentley said during a sport show on BT Sport.

Bentley stated that during a training session with Blackburn Rovers, he was called up to receive a phone call in what was believed to have been Steve McClaren talking on the other hand and calling him up for a chance to play with the English national football team but as a matter of fact it was Robbie Savage who was talking as he pranked Bentley and the retired midfielder actually believed that it was Steve McClaren until Savage confessed.

During the entire playing career of David Bentley, he did manage to make a few appearances for the English national side but it wasn’t a real significantly high amount of matches as Bentley just couldn’t make the impact that was expected after comparisons were being made with him and Beckham.