David Bentley believes that Dele Alli will become a top player

David Bentley believes that Dele Alli will become a top player if he is managed properly

Former Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs player David Bentley has stated that Dele Alli will be a top player if he is managed properly. He has drawn comparisons with his own career, and he believes that he would have had a different career if ever he was allowed to play his own game.

He said that he was quite similar to Dele Alli and that he wanted to let his personality come out through his game, but unfortunately, his managers did not allow that. He believes that Dele Alli is quite mature at his age and that at the moment he is not committing the same mistakes as he did. For him, Alli can have a successful career if he continues on the same path.

He said that his first manager Arsene Wenger did not understand British talent well. He admitted that he was a good manager, but unfortunately he did not allow him to play his own game. However, he believes that Mauricio Pochettino is not committing the same mistake with Alli and that he is allowing him more freedom on the pitch.

For Bentley, it is important as a young player to feel love and to be backed by the manager. He said that there was a tendency in England to ask a young player to be humble and not to overdo it on the pitch.

He believes that it is different with Dele Alli and that Pochettino is managing his career well. For him, Alli should stay with Tottenham Hotspurs for the moment in order to continue his development. He has all the necessary qualities to become a world-class player if only he keeps on working as he is at the moment.

Bentley has backed Dele Alli to be a success at the Euros in France.

David Bentley: His Journey from Clubs to Clubs

David Bentley had only a short time at the top in football.

After coming through prominence at Arsenal, the winger went on to play for Blackburn Rovers where he made his name. As a youngster, Bentley was regarded as a promising talent for the England national team. He was a regular for the England under 21 team from 2005 to 2007. He was immediately given prominence in the senior team in 2007, but it all began to go downhill from then on. The England debut for the 31-year-old came when he was highflying with Blackburn.

A move to Tottenham came about in 2008 and he never recovered from his poor spell at the club. However, fans will forever remember the goal that he scored against archrivals Arsenal in the 4-4 draw between the two teams. The wonder goal is still regarded as one of the best in the North London derby, but Bentley has revealed that he never looked back on that goal again. After staying with Spurs for five years, Bentley played on loan at various clubs before announcing a shock retirement in 2013. He has since tried to come out of retirement without any success.

Bentley claimed that his lack of passion for the game was the reason for quitting so early.“It was a moment when I felt, prior to the game, that I was going to do something good. All my mates were there, Harry [Redknapp] had just come in after Juande Ramos, and I felt that this was going to be a big night; that everything had been getting on my nerves and this was going to be different. The ball just sat up nicely for me. We had been in a meeting before the game and it was mentioned that their keeper liked to stand off his line, so I just hit it,” said Bentley.

David Bentley unveils a prank that Robbie Savage made to him

There was a point in time during the career of David Bentley when he was labeled as the new David Beckham and this was due to the impressive accuracy that the former player Bentley used to have when it came to taking free-kicks and his overall passing abilities.

Unfortunately for Bentley, he could never really live up to the hype that was created as he failed to perform with a truly big club and was bounced around from different clubs on a number of loan deals.

One of the clubs that Bentley performed in was with Blackburn Rovers during 2005 until 2008 and the Englishman would make a return to his former club in the later stages of his career, during this time Bentley worked alongside Robbie Savage and Bentley has recently opened up about a pretty cruel prank that his former teammate played on him.

“I came off the phone and I’m ringing everyone in the England squad. Half an hour later I get another phone call from the actual Steve McClaren! And I’m like ‘what…you just rang me. He got to training and all the lads are they’re in stitches” Bentley said during a sport show on BT Sport.

Bentley stated that during a training session with Blackburn Rovers, he was called up to receive a phone call in what was believed to have been Steve McClaren talking on the other hand and calling him up for a chance to play with the English national football team but as a matter of fact it was Robbie Savage who was talking as he pranked Bentley and the retired midfielder actually believed that it was Steve McClaren until Savage confessed.

During the entire playing career of David Bentley, he did manage to make a few appearances for the English national side but it wasn’t a real significantly high amount of matches as Bentley just couldn’t make the impact that was expected after comparisons were being made with him and Beckham.

Manuel Pellegrini believes although Manchester City will have to score goals

Manuel Pellegrini believes although Manchester City will have to score goals in the return leg of the League Cup semi final tie against Everton, it will also be crucial to be solid at the back as the Toffees have got some quality strikers who can capitalize on any bit of mistake.

Everton has already won the first leg by two goals to one. So, for them, even a draw at Etihad will be good enough to get to the final.

But, the Sky Blues, on the other hand, will have to win by a margin of at least two goals to get past their opponents.

Everton has not been able to reach the final of League Cup for more than three decades. So, they would be absolutely pumped up to make the most of the opportunity this time around.

They would know that the situation would be tricky for City when they take the and they would be looking to put the foot on the pedal right away.

Pellegrini accepted in the pre match media briefing that Everton would perhaps come into the game with more hunger in comparison to City, but, he also said that his players would not hold back and give it everything.

The Chilean said, “It’s been a long time for them. So, they might be hungrier, but, we are looking to qualify for final as well.”

“We will have to keep a balance. Goals are important for sure, but, defending well is important too. They are a very good attacking side and are capable of scoring goals if given the opportunity.”

City had made it to the League Cup final in the 2013-14 Season as well and had even won it that time.

Norwich City’s disappointing start to the season

Norwich City’s disappointing start to the season has seen them drop to within three points of the relegation zone.

The team has recently suffered huge thrashings at the hands of fellow relegation threatened the teams like Newcastle United. These results are starting to put a lot of pressure on manager Alex Neil, who is being backed by several bookmakers as the next favourite to get the sack. Ahead of the game against Leicester City, the manager has asked his players not to drop their heads. Neil claims that the Premier League is an extremely tough league and the teams need at least six or seven players playing at their best in order to stay up.

Since this is not happening for Norwich at the moment, working extremely hard will be one of the key priorities for the team. The 3-0 win over West Brom in the League Cup remains the sole victory that the club have achieved in the last few weeks. As a result, confidence is extremely low within the team. Norwich are up against West Brom in the upcoming league game and they should provide some opportunity to take three points. Getting some victories on board is important since the team has difficult upcoming matches against Manchester City and Chelsea.

“At this level you need seven or eight of your players playing well. I don’t think we had that. That is what cost us. At West Ham, in the last away game, we had players playing at the top of their level. If you have too many of your players not playing as well as they can that is obviously going to cause you a real issue.It is such fine margins at this level. There have been a couple of games when I feel we have deserved to win,” said Neil.

Liverpool recently completed the signing of Christian Benteke

Liverpool recently completed the signing of Christian Benteke from Aston Villa, but many have expressed their doubts about the success of the Belgian at Anfield.

He becomes the second most expensive player in Liverpool’s history after having cost £ 32.5 million. He is only behind Andy Carroll, who was a signing from Newcastle United. The disastrous transfer involving Carroll has been well-documented and many see Benteke as a similar player to Carroll. The comparisons may largely come about due to the physical stature of the two players, but manager Brendan Rodgers believes that Benteke has enough qualities to be a success at Liverpool.

Immediately upon becoming the new Liverpool manager more than three years ago, Rodgers decided to spend the club record signing Carroll on loan to West Ham. Carroll did not appear to have a future at Liverpool, who were set to play football on the ground. The philosophy has not changed in the last three years. Hence, the reasoning behind Rodgers signing another physical player does not appear to be clear. Benteke was one of the top strikers in the second half of last season. His goals were a major reason behind Aston Villa staying in the Premier League.

“There’s a number of qualities that he has and he will only improve in his time at the club. I think first and foremost his goals, if you look at his goals record since the time that he’s been in the Premier League he’s up there with the best in terms of numbers. So that was very important for us.Obviously I’ve heard and I’ve seen stuff about the style, ‘he won’t fit the style of how we play’ – I think he’ll only complement it and help us. He’s a big guy but he’s got the attributes that I like in terms of pace and movement,” said Rodgers.

2014-15 Premier League season was sort of bizarre for Tottenham Hotspur

The 2014-15 Premier League season was sort of bizarre for Tottenham Hotspur.

Overall, they did well finishing in the top quarter of the table with 64 points, but, their position could have been much better and they probably could have ended up even making it to the Champions League if they had been a little consistent against the weaker teams.

They often put up spirited performances in what was supposed to be the tough games for them, but, whenever they got to face the opposition that was not right up there in terms of quality, they could not produce their A game and that, at the end of the day, made them suffer.

The boss, Mauricio Pochettino, admitted in his press conference post the Everton game, which was the last game of the season for Tottenham, the only way for a team to become a force in a top league is to be consistent.

In the words of Pochettino, “If you have to be in top two in the league here in England or anywhere in the world, it’s important that there is consistency in your play. You see the sides which clinch the title; they remain consistent for the whole of the season. So, it’s very important and you would only be able to do that if you have a balanced squad.”

When asked about the transfer planning for this summer, the 43-year old who played a bit of international Football for Argentina said, “We have to be smart in our decisions. Spending the bucks is not the only thing. You have to see where you are spending and what kind of personnel do you need.”

Pochettino would surely be looking to bring in a couple of attackers to make sure the pressure is taken off his main man Kane.

David Bentley was one of the promising young England internationals

David Bentley was one of the promising young England internationals when he scored the first goal at the new Wembley several years ago. Since then, his career had gone down the hill and he announced his retirement last year much to the shock of many.

The shock was primarily created since Bentley was only 29 years old at the time of his retirement. The former Tottenham and Blackburn Rovers winger was unable to find a new club and instead started focusing on other business ventures. He stated openly that he had fallen out of love football party because it had become too overwhelming to handle because of the money.

He has now returned to the game but has not joined one of the elite clubs. Instead, he is playing in Gaelic land with Crossmaglen Rangers. He made his debut for the Northern Ireland club and helped them get three points in his first match by scoring a wonderful goal. The return to football has been made possible because of Aaron Kernan, who will train with Premier League outfit Sunderland as part of the arrangement.Kernan revealed that Bentley will also be focusing on real estate business in the region while also playing his football.

“To hear that he has enjoyed his first night with us and that there is that excitement around the town and the club is fantastic.I know it mightn’t have been that great for an English man walking around the streets 20 years ago but we’ve moved on well from that. He is working for myself, as a property, sales and lettings management agent. He has his car and all so he’s off trying to let out a few properties,” said Kernan. Bentley opened a restaurant in Spain when he was with Tottenham but his love for football has brought him back.

David Bentley came back from Retirement

The former Arsenal player and retired footballer David Bentley came out of retirement as he played a match for Crossmaglen Rangers as the Englishman was part of a match of Gaelic football.

David Bentley played for Crossmaglen Rangers while Aaron Kernan who had already decided to retire opted to train with the Premier League club Sunderland as this was part of the arrangement that was done involving a documentary show for Irish television.

Bentley will also be working in the estate agent business of Aaron Kernan as this was also part of the agreement.

Aaron Kernan revealed details concerning the settlement as the Gaelic footballer said: “I know it might not have been that great for an English man walking around the streets 20 years ago but we’ve moved on well from that. He is working for myself, as a property, sales and lettings management agent. He has his car and all so he’s off trying to let out a few properties.”

During the early stages of the career of David Bentley, he was rumored to be the next David Beckham due to his precise passing abilities as the Englishman was able to deliver accurate crosses and connect to his teammates with relative ease on the pitch but after his loan deal with Blackburn Rovers reached it’s end, Bentley decided to hang up his boots at the age of 29 as he had lost his passion for football.

According to Bentley, football was being affected too much by social media and the influence that money has been making in the sport as more and more cash is being spent in signing players and it’s turning into a battle where the wealthiest club is the one which has a substantially bigger advantage.

David Bentley – A major Player in Football World

David Bentley was making raves as he made his way through the youth academy of Arsenal and at the age of 16, Bentley was already training with the senior squad of Arsenal before making his official appearance in a competitive match for Arsenal when he was 19 years old.

The Englishman was labeled to be one of the next big things in English football as Bentley was a dead-ball specialist and during his childhood he was already scoring goals in the form of free-kicks as well as providing impressive crosses to his teammates but his career stalled and started to fall apart when he signed for Tottenham Hotspurs and in 3 seasons he only managed on making 42 appearances as well as having to be transferred outside of the club on a number of loan deals.

During his time at White Hart Lane, Bentley was mostly just being used as a substitute player and this was why he opted to join other clubs and get more playing time even if it only was on loan deals but at the age of 29 Bentley decided to hang up his boots and retire.

David Bentley has revealed a few of the main reasons on why he decided to retire despite having a few more years and seasons left in him to play at a high level.

“I remember being a bit disappointed in myself. I was thinking: ‘You should love it, what’s the matter with you? You’re only saying this because you’re a little bit unhappy at the minute’.

“But in the end I just got tired of all the bull**** that goes with it, people wanting you to sell yourself as something you’re not. I loved matchdays, the atmosphere and the buzz, but, looking back, the biggest disappointment was coming out of youth team football. Back then I was with my mates, playing Sunday League, you’re winning together with all your mums and dads, that’s when football is brilliant’’ Bentley said as he stated that his love for football just disappeared.

Following his retirement from playing football at a top level, Bentley has gone on to invest in restaurant and a few weeks ago it was revealed that he was the co-owner of a fine dining place in Spain that opened up not too long ago.