Tottenham and West Ham United began a bidding war a few years which began on August of 2010 as both clubs were interested in taking over the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) announced that they had selected West Ham United and Newham Council as the preferred bidder to take over the stadium.

The bid and take takeover of West Ham United was approved by the British Government a few months later and now West Ham United was awarded with a 99 year lease that will allow them to become anchor tenants of the Olympic site starting from August of 2016.

Tottenham Hotspur revealed their plans of building an adjacent stadium next to White Hart Lane but the estimated time that the club announced it to be ready was in 2018. They will have to find a temporary home during the season of 2017-18 due to delays of their new 58,000 seat stadium and the Olympic Stadium was one of their targets but the vice-chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady has shut down the possibilities of West Ham United allowing the Olympic Stadium to be shared with Tottenham which means that they will have to search somewhere else for a temporary home while club works out all of their stadium development delays and obstacles.

“In reality they probably could but only with our permission. No one has asked us for our permission and if they did we would probably say no, depending on who it is, if you get my drift.” This was the statement released by Karren Brady as she responded to questions regarding if West Ham would be open to the idea of sharing the stadium with Tottenham.