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David Bentley Life Post Retirement From Football

It may sound strange but there were instances in the past which made English football fans believe that David Bentley could be the next David Beckham. Bentley set up his reputation for the first time at Blackburn Rovers as a great England star. The England champion scored a hat trick in his very first match against Manchester United for Rovers post enrolling at the north-west outfit and playing a great role for Arsenal. It was indeed the best period for Bentley.

Steve McClaren, the former England boss said that the right foot of Bentley looks identical with David’s and also has a great feel and touch for the ball like him. However, he said there is a long way for the star to be compared with David as he needs to achieve a whole lot of things to be in par with David. After two months, he achieved his first goal in Wembley Stadium with a 3-3 draw against Under-21s. The England star made his debut as a senior in England in the year 2007. However, the following year, the career of Bentley came to a halt. He made his final appearance for the 7th time for Three Lions in the year 2008. It was in fact the same year when he exited from Blackburn to be a part of Tottenham. Bentley announced that he would take his retirement in 2014 and was only 29 years old. Thereafter, he was honest enough to admit that he had no interest in football.
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